Patio ($36 / day)

Our patio suite is for guests over 30 lbs. This private, comfortable lodging option has orthopedic Kuranda beds and a private fenced yard.

Mini-Maxi ($32 / day)

Exclusively for our smaller guests under 30 lbs. The mini-maxi suite is located in a separate room from the large dogs and has a private fenced yard for small dogs only.

What is included in an overnight stay for my dog?

  • Lots of love and attention
  • Daily housekeeping service
  • Room service (2-3 meals per day)
  • Water freshened throughout the day
  • Minimum of four potty breaks/playtime outside each day
  • Pictures of your pet (sent by either email or text)

All guests of the All pets Resort & Spa must either provide proof of current (veterinary administered) vaccines or have them updated with one of our veterinarians at the time of service. A fecal analysis is also required every six months.

Dog Vaccines How often needed
DA2PP (Distemper) Annual or every 3 years (depending on vaccine)
Bordetella (Kennel Cough) Annual
Rabies Annual or every 3 years (depending on vaccine)
Canine Influenza bivalent (Dog Flu) Annual (only one shot is required prior to using services, but must complete booster after)
Fecal Analysis (with negative results) Every six months